Neuronavigation in India with pre and post operative care

Published: 05th January 2010
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Neuronavigation treatment in India is available at some of the best hospitals located in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. The term neuronavigation is a neologism used to describe the set of computer-assisted technologies used by neurosurgeons to guide or "navigate" within the confines of the skull or vertebral column during surgery. The term is also used in a more universal sense outside the field of neurosurgery in areas of medicine such as otorhinolaryngology (ENT), orthopedics, general surgery and urology, with similar purposes in different anatomical areas. The set of hardware for these purposes is referred to as a neuronavigator. Neuronavigation treatment in India is provided with best pre and post operative care.

Neuronavigation is recognized as the next evolutionary step of stereotactic surgery, a set of techniques that dates back to the early 1900's and that gained popularity during the 1940's, particularly in Germany, France and the U.S., with the development of surgery for the treatment of movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease and dystonias. In its infancy the purpose of this technology was to create a mathematical model describing a proposed coordinate system for the space within a closed structure, e.g., the skull. This "fiducial spatial coordinate system" uses fiduciary markers as a reference to describe with high accuracy the position of specific structures within this arbitrarily defined space. Neuronavigation treatment in India is performed with world class healthcare.

Neuro Imaging
The ability to relate the position of a real surgical instrument in the surgeon's hand or the microscope's focal point to the location of the imaged pathology, updated in "real time" in an "integrated operating room", highlights the modern version of this set of technologies at its finest. In its current form, neuronavigation began in the 1990's and has adapted to new neuro-imaging technologies, real-time imaging capabilities, new technologies to transfer the information in the operating room for 3-D localization, real-time neuro-monitoring, robotics, and new and better algorithms to handle data via more sophisticated computer technology.
Surgical Virtualization
In its later conceptualization the term neuronavigation has started to fuse with that of "surgical-virtualization", e.g., the Dextroscope, in which a neurosurgeon is able to vizualize the scenario for surgery in a 3-D model of manipulable computer data. In this way the physician can "practice and check" the surgeries, try alternative approaches, assess possible difficulties, etc., before the real surgery takes place.

Indian neurosurgeons have established themselves as highly skilled and conscientious caregivers worldwide. Many doctors who have trained or worked abroad have returned to India to work here. Their reputation has led number of foreign patients to consider Neuronavigation treatment in India. Now International patients too have realized the advantages of traveling to India and the medical tourism industry has begun to take off in a big way. for further information on Neuronavigation treatment in India visit or mail at or call us at +91-9371136499, +91-9860755000, + 1-415-599-2537 (USA) / +44-20-8133-2571 (UK).

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